Icy adventures-I’ve had a few!

It’s been crazy ’round here! Running in circles seems to be my latest feat. When dealing with the veterans administration one gets very good at running in circles, double talk and dead ends. The good news is Papa Fred is healing nicely from his surgery and while I wade through the mountains of bureaucracy he is mending and waiting for the VA to approve his next doctor visit. All I can say is thank heavens for the wonderful doctors and nurses at our local hospital for not only providing him with excellent care but also providing me with the materials and information I needed to care for him at home. Without them I would of been flying by the seat of my pants and at this point in time I’m not sure where my seat is!

Our last doctor visit was quite an ordeal. It was 29 degrees out and pouring down rain. It soon warmed up to 32 and while conditions like that are not too worrisome on the trail it’s another story when on a paved road. We were headed to town and I needed to meet friends at their turnoff to give them a wrist brace I had (yep found others as accident prone as I am!) so I attempted to simply pull off the main road-that was my first mistake. In doing so there is really no approach on this road. It is a steep incline and guess who started sliding down sideways? Now this may not seem like a big deal but a 9 degree grade on a narrow road covered with ice and no where to go on the sides but down a steep embankment, well let’s just say it got interesting fast. I did manage to get the pickup headed in somewhat a forward direction and at the bottom of the hill met up with my friends. They must of thought I was insane coming down there but I assure them it was not intentional. Alright averted disaster and needing to get back to the top of the hill I told them to go ahead of me and I would follow in the rough trail their chains left on the ice and pray I made it to the top. I almost did! Almost. 10 more feet-10 little feet and I would of crested but noooooo I didn’t quite make it. Now if you thought going downhill looking out the windshield was exciting, ya should of seen it going backwards! Yep I slide all the way down in reverse, found a spot I could slide into safely and there I sat. Reese and Ann always game for adventure came to the rescue! Long story short version-yes I know a little late for that-but between us we managed to get me in one piece to the top of the hill. Yes, I do realize that we had a lot of help as I was praying the entire time. I am still trying to get the truck seat off of my backside though as I was scared enough to make it a permanent fixture.

I desperately needed some down time with my kids. Away from chores, school, nursing care and worries so we had a little adventure yesterday. We took advantage of our ice highway and went on a “saw log” search. You see saw logs aren’t just any old log. We search out dead standing trees that are dry, straight and not too knotty or rotten. It’s really a hit and miss thing because you never know if a perfectly straight beautiful tree will be rotten on the inside but we have learned by hitting them with a heavy stick if it sounds hollow then it probably is. Mission accomplished though as we found enough trees that we can make the lumber needed for a couple more projects including my big greenhouse. Yes it’s going to happen! I’m so excited I may just move in there for the summer!

We also ventured out to the road and made a quick trip to the beach. Amazing how a few minutes of beach time rejuvenates the mind and body. A balmy 35 degrees and sunny but it was a short visit as the tide was quickly coming in. The Eagles as usual were plentiful and I was able to snap some pretty cool photos of them taking flight. I think they look pretty good considering I took them with my phone.  

 Well that’s about all that is happening right now, still waiting for Dan and Robin to come home from the outside and share their adventures with me-they really need to blog as they have so many exciting adventures! Hint Hint

Have a blessed day all and remember that God is good All the time!

One thought on “Icy adventures-I’ve had a few!”

  1. Sliding down a hill backwards in a pickup is definitely not fun. So glad you guys made it out and you are only trying to remove vinyl from your backside. And only in Alaska does one go hang out at the beach at 35 degrees. But I imagine the kiddos had fun, and you got some fabulous photos, thanks for sharing. Yes I do worry about all of you and all the ice you have to travel on, please continue to be safe. Also I am so glad to hear that the VA is taking good care of Fred and that he is on the mend.

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