Happy Thanksgiving

It’s just before 4 a.m. And was a very short night but I am so Thankful for the many blessings I have. My beautiful bird (almost 30 pounds) is now snuggly in the oven. When I say snuggly I am not kidding, there’s only about an inch before he hits the roof. He will be fine though as I will pamper him, bath him in broth and nurture him right until I take him out of the oven for his hour long rest. Alright, seriously now once the bird has roasted ever so slowly until the temp of the thigh is at 165* I will cover with foil and then a heavy towel to hold in heat and let it rest for an hour. Smaller birds you can reduce the rest time on but please let your bird rest before carving for it makes it oh so juicy! 

Bird roasting breast side down for first 2 hours 

 The pies are all baked, dressing is waiting it’s turn in the oven and I literally have enough food for a small army. Sadly our guests that planned on joining us are dealing with a rapidly rising creek and cannot join us and the other couple are dealing with health issues. Please keep them in your prayers. 

Cati’s pumpkin pie 

My oldest son who lives in town did call his dad last night to say he would be coming out for a few minutes today I’m sure he will be surprised at the changes we have made at the farm in the year since he has seen it.
Yesterday was a busy day for sure-Cati made the pumpkin pies and rolls, I prepared cornbread for dressing and everyone else busied themselves with keeping wood in for the stove and staying out of the way. It rained the entire day and is still raining. It was a day of phone calls too. Well wishers for Thanksgiving, family and friends beating the rush and even heard from some folks in Wyoming we used to know. 

The rain appears to have let up some and my deck is loaded with turkeys who see the light on and think it’s an invitation-if they only knew! 

The roosters are crowing and coffee is perking, the only thing missing is snow and it doesn’t appear we will have any of that in the near future.

Well folks that’s all for now but I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and pray your all safe and warm. Enjoy your day and let it be filled with happy memories.

One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and so sorry your friends won’t be able to make it out, as I know you were all looking forward to their visit. Cati is doing really well on her cooking and at such a young age. Hope the weather cools off for you guys and you get snow. But we are having lots of snow, guess we need to send some your way. Have a wonderful day.

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