Holidays,birthdays and growing up

I often wonder if I will ever become one of those people known as adults. You would think by the time a person exceeds the half century mark it would happen. 

Holidays are the worst time for me to try to pull off being an adult. When it comes to keeping gifts a secret Do not tell me. Seriously I am the worlds worst secret keeper about gifts. I made a special gift for my sissy for her birthday and dear hubby mailed it today. I certainly hope she gets it by Friday or I just know I’m going to burst keeping this a secret.  I do believe God is sitting up there chuckling as he knows my heart and my weakness then bestowed upon me 2 beautiful daughters at the same time, during the holiday season no less, so I would have not one but two people to keep secrets from. Holidays, birthdays, oh all the secrets and I know someday I’m just gonna burst!  

Alright my secret is out, I fake being an adult very well when the truth is I’m a kid at heart and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. This weather is not helping at all. It’s currently 47 degrees, windy and the snow and ice are leaving at a rapid pace. How on earth am I going to enjoy winter-without winter? I want to race outside and catch snowflakes on my tongue! I want to build snowmen and toss snowballs. In case your not aware it’s almost impossible to do these things when it’s 47 degrees-in Alaska.

Well my rant is over and now I’ll share what’s happening on Two Moose Farm but I’m still almost patiently waiting for winter and I’ll try to pull off this adult thing for a bit longer.

My beautiful daughters turned 11 today. They have become young ladies right before my eyes. While I miss the little girls I’m in awe of the young women and their growing need to explore the new world they are just beginning to see. We try to make birthdays special but our children now have ideas of their own and we must let them grow. I will admit it saddened me to have Cati state she wanted to bake their birthday cake, I had a good “adult” moment-I smiled and relinquished the spatula to her capable hands. Of course the cake was delicious but watching them grow up so fast is bittersweet.

 The Thanksgiving preparations are in full swing now. Got the bird out for its final scrub, then checked to see if it will fit in the oven (ovens in the 30’s weren’t made for 30 pound turkeys) and it is now resting in the brine until 4 a.m. Thursday morning. The pics show how tight a fit the bird will be and I will have 7 hours of vigilantly watching so the fire does not get to hot and burn my little turkey. Tomorrow will be busy with baking pies, rolls and cornbread for dressing. I do love all the hectic preparations and I will have lots of help with Cati doing most of the baking now.

 The men will stay busy keeping us in firewood and water over the next few days. Caleb is quite proud of the fact he can be a part of this now. He’s growing into such a handsome young man and a strong one too. He has outgrown me by almost 2 inches! 

Caleb getting in firewood


Well as is the norm I’ll leave you with a few random pics and a prayer for peace in your heart. God Bless

Cami creating bear clothes


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