Alaska memories! One year ago today.

Was just reading my Facebook posts from a year ago and discovered that we have memories!!!! Here’s what happened a year ago today.

Well home, finally warm and dry. Looks like today’s little outing turned into yet another Alaska adventure. Went to town, ran errands and was

Pretty much a typical day, right? Well maybe if you don’t live out in the woods! Many of you have seen my earlier post complete with pic of me burying the 4 wheeler In a foot of water and ice. Okay so not too bad, swallow pride and call hubby-then as I look at the phone a bit of panic……battery is flashing red……next heartbeat wolves start howling and it’s getting dark. So putting on my bravest mom face (had my 2 ten year old girls with me) I tell Cati to call dad as I continue to work to get the wheeler dislodged from the hole and return the back wheel to the ground (it’s a foot off the ground at this point. Okay then at that moment I am lifting with all my might as Cami is on the wheeler hitting reverse I hear laughing. Laughing? Really? Like a danged Hyena laughing. So I stop, not believing this sound I am hearing and wondering who the heck put Hyenas out here to roam with the Moose, wolves,Coyotes and Bears. Now mind you the minute we stop the 4 wheeler and I step aside and right into knee deep ice cold water the laughing stops. Thoroughly convinced I have finally lost my marbles I begin the entire process of lifting the front end while soaking wet and freezing and right when she starts moving a half inch there goes that danged Hyena again! Start, stop, start, stop and I finally realize the laughing Hyena is the chains dear hubby put on the tires hitting the ice chunks and making the ominous laughing sound! Now about this time hubby shows up-it’s still light enough to see 20 feet in front of you gets out the handy dandy come along and gets me unstuck, trailer reattached to the wheeler and I travel another 30 feet and splat-guess who just found the second crater that by now feels to me like the son of the Grand Canyon! Once again he gets me pulled to solid ground and it’s dark. Not just twilight I can see half a mile but dark enough I could hardly see my hand in front of my face but I’m on solid ground, my trusty camo steed is raring to go into battle and I’m headed home. Got to love this boring life I lead and my dear hubby for always coming to my rescue 🙂


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