Winter is in the air

It seems winter may just make an appearance after all here in Alaska. The past few days have found us bouncing between wind, sleet, hail and snow peppered moments. Always on the ready we have busied ourselves with repairing animal pens and shelters which is a never ending job, gathering firewood, hauling water and of course dear hubby has been also busy making repairs to the wheelers. He did get excited when he discovered that one of my “mall” aka local dump site finds turned out to be tire chains that would fit his 4 wheeler. 

Yes we have finally frozen up. That glorious time of year when the soggy ground almost magically freezes and ends the muddy season. A time for celebration for this off grid family as now we can begin the real work. When the ground is frozen logs can be hauled with greater ease as they slide across the frozen tundra much easier and travel back and forth to town is done by machine versus on foot. 

This is also my favorite season because of the holidays. I love holidays! Big meals with family all around and this year will be even more special as we have plans for fellow homesteaders Reese and Ann to join us and perhaps another couple too! Yes I love to entertain. Cooking for a crowd is one of my favorite things to do and although we will be cramped in our small quarters what a time we will have. 

The kids are loving the snow and chilly weather. Aunt Cathy sent them ice skates so we are planning on going to the hidden lake once it is frozen solid. I do have plans for an ice rink in the front yard if I can make it happen. It’s not as difficult as it may sound. Once the ground freezes solid I will start emptying the dish water out there and it will freeze. If I can keep the critters out it should get smooth and they will have a fenced in area to skate away in. Yes, creative thinking is a must for really should not take long to accomplish weather permitting with as many dishes as I do! 

 I know this is a short post but the roosters are crowing and it’s almost 5:30 a.m. So time to get the dough kneaded and commence my day. I hope your all blessed with joy and happiness.  I’ll leave you with random pics as has become the tradition. God Bless!


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