Coffee by lamplight

Good morning all, it’s a glorious day here on Two Moose Farm! 

 I returned from my critter checks to a warm toasty cabin, coffee done and lit the lamp for my “pondering time”. I just love this time of day-4 a.m. Is such a quiet time with everyone sleeping it gives me time to reflect on everything from the weather to when the next critter will birth. My thoughts today though are about my children’s excitement as we venture into town so they can take part in the Halloween activities. There won’t be much going on in our small town tonight but in their young minds it’s exciting, the thought of dressing up and being someone else for a few moments in time and of course the treats. Some question how a Christian family can celebrate a pagan holiday-we don’t look at it as such. It’s simply a day when you can let your imagination run rampant and get treats for the effort. 

The weather has turned cooler and being the cold weather lover I am I can freely admit I am a bit giddy. We had a bit of snow last night before the clouds parted and the stars began to twinkle against the night sky. It’s now 26 degrees out and perfectly still. I’m praying that the weatherman is wrong and we don’t warm up again as a freeze is welcome as  I grow tired of the mud and rain. 

 My family will soon awaken to the aroma of freshly baked caramel rolls and as the children try to focus on getting chores done and ready for our venture into town I must keep reminding myself that the days are numbered for them to enjoy their youth and I must have patience. 

As I sit here waiting for my dough to rise I find myself day dreaming. Laughing out loud I wonder if somewhere in this big world we live in if there is another middle aged woman sitting by lamplight, waiting for her dough to rise and dreaming of someday having a milk cow. We have goats for milk but I long for the day when I can once again have fresh cream from cows milk. Silly I know dreaming of such things. 

 Well I must get busy as the day will be long but I pray you are all blessed with good health, a warm home and happiness. I’ll post more later on our adventure to town.

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