A moment in time

  This is a bit off track but I feel the need to share this. 

Time is something there is never enough of. Even being away from city life it seems time flies by and is always in short supply. It’s 3 a.m. And once again sleep eludes me. I made a lap around the critter pens, looked at a few stars, watched the light of the moon dance on a few stray clouds…..and I cried. 

I cried for all the moments lost, all the time spent on anger, time that cannot be replaced. I cried for the daughter who will never hear her momma tell her she loves her, the granddaughter who will grow up without her grandma and I cried for myself who lost a friend today….on her birthday……the last one on this earthly plane.

Birth and death are but two moments in time what is in between is what we call life.

Make life count-no one will remember that you had a bad hair day-but they will remember your joy and laughter.

Thanks all for listening to my ramblings. May God bless each of you with a reason to laugh today-he has blessed mine with a memory of a friend I fought with, argued with, annoyed and got annoyed by yet through it all we shared love and laughter. I will see you in heaven someday my friend. 

2 thoughts on “A moment in time”

  1. So very sorry for the loss of your friend and it is sad that the daughter and granddaughter will have such a big loss also. Sending you lots of Hugs for this difficult time. I Love You, Sis

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