Some days you just have to go with it

Woke up this morning to snowy weather but it’s warm!  I know I have been complaining lately about winter being here but there is something about fresh snowfall that makes me smile. Maybe it’s the freshness it brings, where everything is pristine and white. Trust me as a homesteader it’s the only time everything is pristine and white! 

No new babies yet but the goat ladies are packing around heavy bags and have begun to waddle. Who knows maybe soon maybe not.  

Children are enjoying a snow day today. They needed to run off some much needed energy that has been bottled up for days and I needed them out of my hair so I could get a few things done around here.

Bread baking is a priority around here many times a week. Yes we are carb junkies! I have many friends who cannot tolerate gluten and I feel so bad for them as breads are so important to our daily life.  There is no aroma more welcoming than the scent of freshly baked bread.

Spring is still in my heart so I will begin my spring cleaning. It amazes me how much soot, dust and cobwebs accumulate over the winter months.  I cannot get it all done with the rain snow mix we are having but neatly organized shelves will be a great start.

Well I must get busy but will post more later with pictures of my progress. Have a blessed day all.

5 thoughts on “Some days you just have to go with it”

  1. Yes this time of year in Alaska, everyone gets cabin Fever, nice the kiddos get out. And the smell of fresh baking bread is wonderful, so I need to get motivated and go bake some. Hopefully the gluten free brand will smell good also. ☺☺☺

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