3 Season kind of day

Today was an odd day. Starting just after midnight our cold snap broke and the temperature began to rise. This morning found us in the middle of a beautiful snow fall, I know I have been complaining but it truly was a beautiful site.  By noon it had warmed up to 41 and the snow switched to rain. By 2 p.m. The sun was shining and it was a glorious warm afternoon. By 6 p.m. The wind was getting quite blustery and now we are back to rain showers and around 34 degrees.  The old adage “if you don’t like the weather just wait a minute” sure rang true today!

I had such big ambitions today to get things done but once again I was side tracked-my attention span is about as long as each sentence, but you have probably  noticed that already. My friend Cathy and I refer to those moments as “squirrel” meaning the squirrel ran by and diverted our attention. No real squirrels are ever harmed during these episodes- (giggle).

Speaking of Cathy she scared the daylights out of me today, texted me she was involved in a car accident.  Now many of you know Cathy is very dear to me-sisterly love kind of dear so my initial reaction was fear then anger. After I heard the details I just wanted to cry. Thankfully she is alright but she sure went through a lot in just a few seconds. Let me explain, Cathy has MS and is in a wheel chair. She was in her wheelchair in the back of the van with her husband driving and sees a vehicle  coming at them and knows that it isn’t going to stop-imagine yourself in that situation! Scary!!!!  They were hit in the rear drivers side back where she is a passenger. I thank God for watching over her today as it could of been much worse. Cathy, I know your gonna read this and please don’t be mad but you know I have to put everything to words to deal with it. I only wish I could be there for you now.

Today reminded me how life can be changed in a split second.  I hope all of you take a minute to hug those you love and tell them daily how much you love them. 

Well it is getting late and there are still animals to check on so I will bid you all a good night and I pray you are home safe and sound, surrounded by those you love. God Bless and Good Night

3 thoughts on “3 Season kind of day”

  1. Hi, I just finished reading this and yes snow is very pretty an relaxing. As far as being in an accident, yes it was very scary and yes life can change in a split second. Luckily my husband an I appear to be okay, but my handicap van that I need to be able to have to go anywhere, will have to go in and be repaired. So far estimate is about $5000. I have Physical Therapy 2 times a week until the 9th of April plus other doctors appointments, so this should be interesting. Guess everything will work out, as I will just be optimistic. Thanks Early for you and your families concern, people living in Alaska just need to learn when the roads are so icy, SLOW DOWN.

    1. I know it’s a pain getting the van fixed and dealing with all that comes with it but so thankful you guys are okay. I don’t know what I would do on those days that make me crazy without you to help me sort them out!

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