It’s that time of year.

It looks like our little taste of winter will be ending in the next couple of days and then the fun begins!

Big plans to get the greenhouse project kicked into high gear, hopefully the parts for the 4 wheeler will come in soon and we can resume cutting wood for all of the projects. 

Whenever you plan a project around here you can bank on it taking 10 times as long as predicted. Making do with what you have there are always adjustments to be made and absolutely nothing goes as planned but it eventually works itself out and we find a way.

Big on our list of “must acquire” this year are a gas powered weed eater for cutting hay, a cream separator, aggressive tires for the wheeler that will go through the mud and praying another wheeler makes it our way. We have been actively searching for a polaris 400 that may need work. So many are sitting around abandoned for newer models I have faith one will make it our way. We were blessed by a kind soul who gave us a small one that needs rewired but appears to be in good shape otherwise. Yes we do love our projects and other peoples trash is our treasure!

The cold weather has us all sapped with constantly running in and out thawing critters water and making sure they are comfortable. The goats although warm enough have slowed down a bit on milk production but I believe it will pick up again in warm weather.

Made 2 batches of cheese in the past couple of weeks both bombed. After discussing the problem with my cheese guru friends it appears my cultures are bad so back to doing things the hard way and making my own-see nothing is ever easy!  Perhaps I could of salvaged them but I am not one to take any chances when it comes to food. In the mean time we will be happy with farmers cheese that while still tasty lacks that delicious bite that aged cheddar gives you.

Rabbits are having little ones and a couple of my girls have slowed down in the production department so will be culling them and replacing with some of my upcoming females. I was also blessed by a friend who contacted me to see if I would be interested in giving hers a new home so that brought a lot of excitement as I like to add new bloodlines every year. 

Birch trees are still in a holding pattern as the cold keeps them from producing sap but with the predicted warm up we will for sure be on high alert.

Everyone is excited that we made it our first year and now are officially residents so can get hunting and fishing licenses. Our awesome friends Dan and Robin so kindly offered to assist us with our subsistence fishing for salmon and that will be such a blessing to our family. I am excited that we can finally get a moose and hopefully a bear as both will provide lots of tasty meat and oh bear lard is the best for baking!  All of this must be heavy on my

Mind as last night I woke up out of a sound sleep, arms flailing and realized I was dreaming of netting fish. Mind you I know in the past when I was very young my paw paw did this and I vaguely recall watching it but have never actually done it but in my dream I was sure catching them!

We are supposed to be getting a good view of the aurora tonight so I will cut this short so I can keep an eye out. I pray your all blessed with good health and happiness. 

3 thoughts on “It’s that time of year.”

  1. Great piece. You have so much going on. I’m still looking for the separator. I have no doubt God will provide our needs. Love reading your updates v

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  2. Wow a whole year, you probably wonder where the time is gone. You guys sure have lots of things that will be soon keeping you extra busy. Hopefully the weather will decide what is going to do soon. I am sure you are excited about being able to get hunting and fishing licenses. And I know you are extra excited about getting to build your greenhouse so you can grow some fresh tasty vegetables. Even though you have a few set backs, I know you are on the right track. Take Care

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