Iditarod day!

Today was the start of the Iditarod and I was watching it on my phone-wouldn’t you know it the internet quit as the first team left the starting line-pooh!!!! 

Wanted to share a great resource for buying old items. If your on Facebook please check out “Relinquished Relics” the lady who has this store is a very dear woman and she sells many hard to find items in excellent condition plus her pricing is fair-no gouging, accepts paypal and will ship. I will try to post some of her items here as she doesn’t have a website yet and I don’t want anyone to miss out on her great buys!

Rainy day here but the sun is starting to peek out a bit and the wind is blowing but still at 36 degrees and the ice is melting. 

My 10 year old is baking bread using my no fail recipe (you can find it at the bottom of the post on Dec17th I think).  Nice to have someone to help keep up with the baking as it seems to be a full time job in itself. 

Lots of baby rabbits being born at least 2 litters perhaps more but the mommas don’t want anyone near the nests so I will leave them alone for now.

Made a quick check on the critters outside and was startled by a moose calling. It was so loud I jumped but soon seen it was a hundred feet or so away minding it’s own business so I left it alone and Mr.Moose reciprocated.  It is coming on the time we will have to be vigilant in watching for momma moose as they can be quite dangerous.

Still looking for a table top cream separator so I can have cream for butter. My does are producing very rich milk and some cream does float to the top but not enough to make it worth all the effort to collect. Each step we take is getting us closer to total self sufficiency  but somedays it does feel like it’s taking too long.

Stitch you may remember he was injured and had stitches is now returned to the hen house. I took him out for a walk and he was excited to see the others so I allowed him in to visit but have to say I was a bit nervous. Stitch is about a third smaller than the rest of the chickens after his ordeal but apparently no one has told him. He immediately established himself as boss and keeps all the other chickens in line. If there ever was a Napolean of chickens stitch is it!

The wind is really kicking up it’s heals now and dear hubby has gone outside to secure our temporary plastic that we have covering our roof. So far it has held up well but will be glad when the temps are warm enough to get the roofing on. 

I will leave you all for now with pics of sunsets that will be disappearing soon because of the coming of endless days. I will miss them during that time but have to say I love working outside at 3 a.m. In full sunlight. 

May you all be blessed with peace.

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