Singing chicks and snoring pigs

The sounds on the farm are quite amusing. At 4 a.m I was awake as is my norm so I took a stroll around to check on critters and had to giggle at the unusual sounds coming from the pens. The pigs were snoring and it sounded like a chainsaw competition, the goats make these little squeaky noises when laying around blissfully chewing their cud and the rabbits excited for a chance to be petted thumped and rattled anything in their cages to get my attention. Of course the rooster who I have finally named Jack could not be out done and had to begin crowing…,repeatedly and very loudly.

The clouds overhead were just thin enough to allow my way to be illuminated by the moon and a few stars even peeked through to twinkle. I love early mornings as they are peaceful. Notice I said peaceful because it’s never truly quiet around here and I am reminded how noisy it is when I return to the cabin and Stitch is singing away and wanting out of his box to start the day. He must stay in a few more hours though for allowed out his volume level goes to high and then everyone is awake. No, it’s still my  almost quiet time when the only chattering I want to hear is that of the coffee beginning to boil.

One thought on “Singing chicks and snoring pigs”

  1. I know what you mean by the ‘sounds of silence’ in the morning. However without the animals I have but the sound of the wind, crunch of the frozen snow and the wonderful swoosh, swoosh of a Ravens winds circling overhead.

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