What will today bring

Sitting here with the fire crackling listening to the wind blow and waiting for the coffee to perk. I’m going through my head the lists of tasks that must be accomplished today and wondering what else will pop up- isn’t there always something?
Yesterday I transferred chicks to the outside coop as they had been without auxiliary heat indoors for a couple of weeks and they were getting huge! Will check on them at sunrise and see how they did overnight. Say a prayer the transition went well.
Roosters are crowing as is their norm from 4:30 every morning until about 7 ever night and I hear the Tom turkey gobbling at his hens. Apparently the bleating period is now over after weaning baby goats as they have been quiet all night.
Today a trip into town is needed as I have a milk delivery to do and I need to get paperwork for some goat shares out. Not going too crazy as still have 4 goats to kid and then milk production will be in full swing.
Our low last night was 39 and water is running everywhere. There are a couple of chilly days and nights ahead but for the most part I think spring is here and we are gearing up for an even busier time.
Loving these longer days as I have more daylight hours to accomplish tasks but do wish the rain would stop-looks like a few sunny days ahead though.
Hope your all staying warm and dry wherever you are and your critters are too. Have a blessed day from all of us at Two Moose Farm.

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