Too cold for work? Ha!

It was definitely a chilly day today. Was 6 degrees at. 11 a.m and windy so with the wind chill was minus 48. I must be honest, I do not miss the cold temps at all. I have been enjoying wearing my crocs this winter but it’s back to snow boots. Thank heavens it’s only for another couple of days as I really hate wearing closed in shoes!
Milking this morning froze my hands but my girls being troopers they stood like champs. They were rewarded for their good behavior in less than ideal conditions with a bit of extra grain with molasses. They must have liked it as they were ready for another go this afternoon when I went out to check on them even though I am only milking in the mornings. Evenings are for the babies and since it is so cold they will get the morning milk too as I don’t want to separate them from their mommas warmth tonight.
Many things accomplished today with the kids helping. Loft walls 90 percent finished, incubator is set up and warming and we are all warm and cozy with fully stocked firewood in the cabin.
Hubby went to town today to pick up the 4 wheeler tires that we desperately needed and by Gods grace we were able to purchase for pennies on the dollar-he always provides!
While in town dear hubby picked up some hatching eggs from my lady friends in town and I will be setting them in the incubator tonight. Will have many chicks in 3 weeks as I have 7 dozen chicken eggs and 3 dozen quail eggs (minus a few that were cracked).
Supper is finished and for a treat tonight I’m making goats milk ice cream. I no longer have my hand cranked freezer as parts were lost in the move but it will still be tasty and is outside freezing as we speak. Super simple recipe if you would like to try it. 2 quarts goats milk-3/4 cup sugar-2eggs mix then cook until almost boiling. Let cool add 2 tsp vanilla and put in ice cream freezer or to make the old fashioned way put in a shallow pan and freeze it either outside covered if cold enough or in a freezer stirring every 15 minutes. Don’t let it set up too long or it will separate and form ice crystals. It’s done when you can no longer resist the urge to eat it!
My chicks in the brooder are doing very well but they have quite the attitude now. They insist on the lid being open enough to stick their heads out or they peck it constantly making quite a racket. Betty is still the number one girl but Sassy is vying for the position. They each feel slighted if they can’t get out for a bit each day and chatter on my shoulder.
Received a care package today from my dear friend Cathy. She always send the coolest stuff! There are new water proof insulated gloves for pumping water at the spring, books for the kids, a wood project book and for me she sent a straw bale gardening book! I am going to do a combination straw bale and vertical garden this year and am very excited to dive into that book!
Warmer weather is on it’s way in the coming days so posts may get scarce at times but please know it will only be a brief time until I get everyone caught up on the happenings in our world.
Hope you are all having a blessed weekend and are safe and warm. Pictures of my incubator heated with kerosene lamp, Bella on milking stand.






2 thoughts on “Too cold for work? Ha!”

  1. Glad you are getting enough milk and can even make ice cream, is it tasty? Glad you got part of the insulated gloves I sent and I really hope they help with collecting the cold water. I am guessing with all that you guys do you won’t ever have time to be bored. Anyways enjoy you Greenhouse book, using Straw Bales. I need to get my book ordered as I want to try this method also. Catch ya later.

    1. Yes the ice cream is very tasty and the book is awesome! Will be sharing more in my blog post. Thank you so much for the thoughtful and useful gifts Cathy as they are so very much appreciated!

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