God is so good

As many of you know I have been trying to locate tires for our 4 wheeler. Wow a few minutes after prayer I look again at craigslist-bammmm there’s exactly what I needed for pennies on the dollar of what they are worth. Yes, God is good-all the time!
Dear hubby has been quite busy working on my honey do list. Today he completed my milking stand. After a few modifications he made it is perfect and I don’t even have to stoop to milk!


Tonight will be a long night I’m sure as I pulled the 2 goat kids from their mommas so I can milk in the morning. They are put to bed with full bellies and a warm bed but the mommas are throwing a fit. Funny how hard we worked to get them to accept their roles as mothers and now they are frantic over their babies being separated from them by a few feet.
Looking forward to this weekend as I will be starting the incubator to hatch some chicks. I haven’t hatched chicks in 3 years but it’s always such fun. My kids get as excited as I do when the pipping starts.
Now that everyone is fed and bedded down for the night I need to finish putting up the granola I made today and wind down from the day. Tomorrow will be a busy day but that is a good thing. I’m thankful for the strength God has given me and the blessings he bestows upon me each day. Good night all and may you be blessed beyond measure.

2 thoughts on “God is so good”

  1. Never doubt for a second that God is not aware of our needs. I have found this to be true in the simplest of things and he showed his hand in my life on my last trip to Fairbanks. I know not why he takes the time with one such as I but I am thankful that as the bible says…’He knows what we need before we ask’.

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