With technology, friends and neighbors-We are not isolated at all

Many times you see me post about having Moose, Wolves, and Bears for neighbors but truly we have some awesome human neighbors too.  We have met so many people since we moved here and they are all so very kind, always willing to share advice, assistance and the bounty they have. We may be remote but we are definitely not isolated!

Last week a couple of guys Mike knows came out to the cabin as they wanted to get away and play in this wonderful land we call home and George the bachelor (we know several Georges he is the only bachelor-hence the nickname) decided he needed to clean out his freezer and cupboards of non essential bachelor food that I assume was accumulated from visitors coming from the lower.  What a great gift!  Lots of baking goods like chocolate chips, walnuts and the like and he filled my little freezer with salmon, halibut and a few other things.  It was like Christmas!

Mike was in town and some folks he met out here on the trail told him to stop by for a cup of coffee and he came home with me fish and two packs of wild pig sausage-Thank You Robin and Dan that was the very best sausage EVER!!!!! I do love wild pig and its been many years since I have hunted or ate any (I hunted them as a kid in California.  I highly suggest to anyone who gets the chance to eat wild pig do so and you won’t regret it. (I met Robin in town for the first time yesterday what an awesome lady!)

Then there’s my lady friends out on the road who I rarely get to see anymore but who I chat with on facebook or text message. Shana, Maura, Mary, Carly, Heather, Kristine and Stephanie who have made me feel like I belong here.  They are always full of encouragement and crochet hooks when mine are misplaced

Living offgrid is definitely different today than it was  30 years ago.  Technology has it so we don’t have to be  disconnected from the world as people are just a phone call or a few clicks away.  My two dearest friends Cathy from North pole-Aunt Cathy to my kids and Jen in Colorado are my support system when I am having one of those days that we moms seem to have and talking to another mom is the  only thing that will make things right again.

So now you all know we aren’t hermits we have interaction with other humans and yet I still talk to my animals-some things will never change. Good Night and God Bless you all.

5 thoughts on “With technology, friends and neighbors-We are not isolated at all”

  1. I feel so honored to be your adopted Sister and Aunt Cathy to your sweet kiddos Caleb, Cati and Cami. And it makes me happy to know that people that you meet here in Alaska treat you with Kindness. I have lived in North Pole for 35+ years and I hope you and your family enjoy Alaska as much as I have and do still. Catch you later. Me Cathy

  2. AB,
    Sounds like the move has really worked out good for you and yours!
    I enjoy reading your posts and have passed your site to my cuz. Wishing you and yours the Best!

  3. You live life in isolation and splendor and yet can reach out to so many. I thought having one or two friends was a blessing but you are so fortunate to find not a couple but many golden nuggets of friendship in the wilderness.Your are indeed blessed.

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