Two Moose Farms happenings

3:30 a.m and once again I’m awake listening to the rain fall and wondering what will flood next. This first year in Alaska has taught me a minimum 18 inches above ground level will be the norm on any and all new building projects.
The constant rain freeze melt cycle this winter has made lots of extra work to keep the critters snug and dry. The goat barn has flooded and so has the pigs shelter. Dear hubby has elevated the floor of the barn temporarily until the actual break up when we will permanently elevate it to prevent any further problems and he has diligently cut drainage ditches in the ice to keep piggies on dry ground. So blessed am I to have a man that works so hard to keep things going.
Received a much needed tool for Christmas from my friends Tracy and Ken. They sent us a 3000 lb. winch for our 4 wheeler. Hopefully I can rescue myself when stuck in the mud and muck instead of having to be rescued so much by dear hubby. Yes, I realize that many of you will miss my mud diving antics but never fear I am sure there will be other mishaps to take it’s place!

Yesterday we made a quick trip to town to get the mail and attempted to beat the rain but were not successful. We probably would of returned much drier had a gentleman not stopped at the beginning of the trail to introduce himself. I’m not much for socializing in the freezing rain but when he stepped out of his truck said “my names Marty and I have a junk yard” he had my full attention. Yes I am a junk yard junky. I live scrap metal and old things of all sorts. The world we live in today is disposable and such a waste. I look forward to my next trip out to go and visit his junk piles. He even said come spring I could have some rhubarb from his patch! Scrap metal and rhubarb-this guy and I have much in common. Hubby is already cringing I’m sure at the prospect of the next project I will have for him to build.
While we are on the subject of building here are the latest projects that have been completed. Papa Fred bored with the rain and outside adventures is spending this rainy time out here helping with projects. Tired of my complaining about storage he got my over the stove shelves built and they are perfect. No more clattering of stuff falling as I am shuffling around at 3 a.m doing the daily baking.

Dear Hubby decided the rain wasn’t going to keep him idle either. Off to the sawmill he went and returned with beautiful water logged boards that were milled last week. My job was to dry the boards so he could build the shelving over our bed. Not one to hold up progress I expedited the process with the woodstove. Mind you I was multitasking as usual and a couple of times the kids reminded me that the boards needed turned by yelling “Mom!!!!! Smoke!!!” Alright so a couple or three boards got a bit drier than the rest but the lumber now dry was soon transformed into shelving for storage. Much needed storage.


Rain, sleet,snow nor wind will slow down our progress and neither will a bit of smoldering lumber!
Looking forward to another arrival of baby chicks and praying this batch gets here alive. So sad to see the loss of life but as with all things there will be losses. My homemade non electric brooder is ready and so am I for these new little babies. I will post more about this after their arrival.
Kids staying busy with schoolwork as we have a goal to have the majority done by the end of April and then can spend the last month of school on science projects aka gardening. Growing things is an important part of our lives and the kids are excited to be able to take a more active roll.
Not much longer until the birch tree sap will be flowing so I’m busy gathering containers for that and will need to get more taps made. Thinking this will be a good project for all in the evenings. Whittle a willow branch and hollow it out. Not much to it but still another project that needs to be completed in a timely fashion.
Once the run starts it will be a busy time collecting sap and cooking down to syrup and bottling for sale. I will keep you all posted when it’s complete and ready for shipping.
Never much idle time around here but God continues blessing us with the bounty of this earth and the health and strength to reap the harvest and I will continue to be thankful.
Have a blessed day all.

2 thoughts on “Two Moose Farms happenings”

  1. So glad you have a winch now and Poppa Fred and Mike made you shelving, I know that should help, since your space is limited. And as far as building up off the ground is very important in a lot of areas in Alaska, even where I live. Christy and our places are both 4 feet up off the ground, though our shop isn’t, but it is still on a lot of gravel. Always remember higher is probably better. And the Birch syrup sounds like it could be a lot of work, but I will be interested in how that works out. So keep us posted. And sending positive thoughts that all baby chick’s arrive alive and happy.

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