Just one of those days

I’m sure I am not the only one who has “just one of those days”. You know what I’m talking about where your motivation level is scrambling to get above zero yet you know there’s much to be done. Today was my day for that. I haven’t been sleeping, in part to critters needing checked on but mainly because I am an insomniac.
The weather isn’t helping either-more rain. Now don’t get me wrong rain can be a good thing but when there’s been over 200 days of it in 10 months I have to admit it is getting old.
Okay pity party over-time to pull up my big girl panties and get on with living!
Have another batch of chicks coming the end of the week so praying they arrive in good shape. I get so excited about new life. I do hope one of my new girls will have the personality of my girl Betty who I had to leave behind in the move here. I miss Betty. Betty would sit on my knee and drink coffee with me as we discussed the important things in life and dreamt of green gardens. Yes I did talk to a chicken and yes she answered me back-Betty understood days like today.
No new goat babies but getting closer. I will keep everyone posted but for now I must go as my family seems to think they need to be fed. Have a blessed night all.

5 thoughts on “Just one of those days”

  1. Oh my dear Early, it is alright to have One of Those days.. It helps to balance everything out even when we do not give ourselves permission to do so. Everybody needs a Break. 🙂 love you!!

  2. Well yes rain can be depressing and the darkness doesn’t help, so hang in there and more daylight and sunshine hopefully will be on there way soon. Take more naps so you aren’t so tired.

  3. One of those days is always alright.
    Remember the Lord slows us down when we refuse to do it ourselves.
    You are allowed to have downtime even in the middle of a day, when you need it mentally or physically.
    Love you dearly.

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