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What’s season is it again?

Our seasons are so confused-rain all winter then bam!three feet of snow. Well guess what-it’s raining again! Almost all the snow is gone and with the temps hovering around 40 it won’t be long. Of course there’s some minor flooding but that is to be expected. The kids had fun in the snow and now are ready for it to be done. Isn’t the changing weather amazing though? It’s like the picture changes every day. Winter brings ice and dreary short days but also bring us snowstorms to change it to a portrait in white. Spring brings rain but longer days and new growth and life, the green haze is beginning to show itself in the trees and on the ground where the snow has melted. Yes, I do love the changing seasons even if they are a bit fickled. 

 Finally got the snow cleared away from the smoker and got the salmon finished smoking. 12 pints of smoked salmon (my kids call it fish candy) slightly sweet, a hint of salt and the mellow smoke of birch made it a hit with all. After all of the years I have canned my family still insists on opening the first jar of anything the minute it is cooled. Strange but hey if it makes them happy. More smoking to be done later this week as dear hubby’s friend Norm called and has more fish for us, I do love that we have friends who support and encourage my smoking habit but that doesn’t mean the little goat wether is safe. Smoked goat just sounds yummy! For you vegetarian followers I apologize but I am a meat lover. 

 Spring fever has come-I’ve been cleaning and making new curtains, basically doing anything I can to take my mind off of gardening. I did get 3 sweet potatoes going in water to grow my own slips. I have never grown any sweet potatoes but reading up it is said for best results start with slips. Slips are the little shoots that grow from them. I’m going to give it a try though as we all love sweet potatoes baked with butter it’s almost as good as regular potatoes. 

 My kids seriously need to quit growing. Stretching to try to get the yeast from the top shelf Cati (11 years old) reaches over me, says let me help mom and gets it down. She is now 5’6″ tall. Caleb is the same height at 12 years old but he is about to shoot up again. He is eating us out of house and home. Cami is still the smallest of my twin girls but what she lacks in size she makes up for in attitude.  

 Always something that needs to be done and hoping the rain stops soon-fishing season is coming up quick! I’ll leave you with a few pics as is my norm and pray your blessed beyond measure. 


Snowmaggedon 2016

Sunday Febuary 21, 2016.  What a faux pas the weatherman made on that date. 3-6 inches with possibilities of heavier snow in areas. What a difference a dash makes! Yes we did recieve 36 inches and no that is not a typo it was 3 feet of snow and yes I’m loving it! This fast moving storm brought back memories of a time many years ago when we lived in the lower and 3 foot storms were the norm. Before anyone ever heard the words “global warming” before El Niño and La Niña would roll off people’s tongues as easily as saying good morning. Back in the days when a snow storm was romantic and dear hubby would be snowed in at home. Yes much like this little taste of winter we had yesterday-fond memories were made then and now. I do feel bad for all the folks out there that must travel in the snow but for us it’s an answered prayer. We were missing winter, as strange as that sounds to many we do love snow. Hubby of course grumbles and carries on but as he was out shoveling and scooping he had a grin on his face that meant someone was getting pelted with a snow ball. The kids and critters literally “swam” in the snow. It is a nice change from the ice we have grown accustomed to and as is our tradition no snowstorm is complete without snow ice cream!




I have a confession to make. I have a smoking addiction. Yep I can’t seem to quit. Now smoking is something I began years ago but since dear hubby and I created this new smoking contraption I cannot seem to get enough. Even our friends are now feeding my addiction. It started out simple enough with a couple of hams and some bacon slabs, then it grew into whole turkeys and once I ran out of those our friend Norm found some salmon bellies and collars in his freezer to feed my addiction. The young wether goats are beginning to look like a challenge.  I see them now in a different light, what was once a cute little annoying pest has now become a fantasy on my plate-I can’t stop!  Birch wood has become as important as meat now. I will tell you that hickory and maple are over rated in my book. Birch gives a softly sweet smokey flavor without being overbearing. I pity the black bear that enters within my sites-I have a new goal-smoked bear hams. I caution one and all about smoking. It’s an addiction that may cause obesity in families.  

 As I sit here sipping my coffee and watching the moonlight dance of the twinkling snow I am thankful for all that we have. A roof over our heads, full bellies, a warm stove and the smell of freshly ground coffee filling the air is just about all a person could ask for. My kids are healthy and happy and must be dreaming of snowball fights with all the giggling they are doing in their sleep.

Today may bring warmer temps and I expect a quick thaw to our winter wonderland but I won’t fret over that. The flooding will probably resume in the coming days and we will deal with it as we did before but for now I’m declaring a snow day. When the kids awake they will get their chores done and will run and play until they are too wet to stay out and I will dry them by the fire as we create memories for them to share with their children someday. A cup of hot chocolate in hand I will hear them tell who built the biggest snowball and who had the coolest snow angel. Snowmaggedon 2016 will be a distant memory in just a few days so we will enjoy it while it lasts.

For now I wish you all a beautiful day and pray you are safe, happy and healthy. Take time to enjoy today for its but a moment in time.