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Almost like winter

Today it was almost like winter.  A cool 21 degrees out and the sun shining bright.  The day started with the usual chores and then I took a few minutes to just be outside, all alone and to enjoy the quiet time.  There is much to be said for alone time.  The birds were out singing their very melodic song, goats bleating, pigs grunting, roosters crowing and the sound of the ice crunching under my boots all of these sounds combined to make such a beautiful tune that soothes the soul.

Looking forward to later tonight and praying the clouds stay away for the forecast is a promising one for Northern Lights.  I do love to sit outside and watch the beautiful dancing colors painting cross the sky.  I do wish I had a camera and the knowledge to photograph these beautiful sights so I could share them with all of you.

Hubby put a door on the outhouse today.  I would like to say this makes me happy but even though I do understand the need I will miss my view.  Oh Henry will miss getting the toilet paper out and decorating the yard I am sure.


Its hard to believe that January is almost gone-how time flies.  Looking forward to the next few weeks when I will be butchering pigs, rendering lard and putting up the greenhouse.  Yes spring is on the horizon and I for one will be happy with its arrival.