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Falling leaves and falling temps

this morning we awoke to a 1/4 inch of ice on everything outdoors. The leaves are changing colors and quickly leaving the trees and there is a briskness to the air. Yes fall is here and I am glad!

Summer was long and my body thinks if the sun is out I need to be up and working-that equals really long days when it’s light until midnight and the sun is up at 3 a.m. We did accomplish much though and have expanded our farm to a size that will soon make us self sustaining. I traded a hog for veggies some this year some next to make up for any shortages we may have. Our first years garden produced enough to encourage me for next year and by bartering I have ensured we will have enough to sustain us.

Hubby provided a lot of salmon for me to can and the 100 plus jars will do us until next season (still lots of salmon in freezer too).  Carrots are canned, kraut is fermenting and life is good. I have a hog to butcher this weekend and will make lots of sausage with my seasoning I finally perfected and will have much lard to render. We are only keeping half as the other is sold. This works out well when space is limited and with a few days of moose season left we are hoping for a bit of luck there. If not we have a friend who has promised to share and we will share our farms bounty in return.  

  Honey from 1 of my hives  

Bread and butter pickles

  3 bean salad  

  Many are looking for a simple way to make kraut and here it is: shred cabbage put in sterile 1 quart jar and crush down with wooden spoon to break up the cells that hold water. Add 1/2 to 1 tsp salt and mix it in well if you like (be aware this will slow down the fermentation process and is not required) leave an inch headspace and top off with water if it is not wet enough, cover with a coffee filter or cloth and wait. After a couple of weeks it will be saurkraut! If you see any mold scoop it off if it’s inside the cabbage toss it. After it has achieved the desired sour taste simply place a sterile lid and ring on it and water bath it at a full boil 15 min or so.

Time to do something with the cranberries I picked this morning so I’ll bid you farewell until next time. God Bless!