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It’s the Bees Knees! 

What a busy time here on Two Moose. We hived bees today and will be splitting them at a later date but am impressed that one of my 10 year old twins begged to help! She was quite the trooper and did very well even with thousands of bees flying around her. I felt good today as I only got stung twice instead of the 6 times like last year! 

   Hubby has been busy with Caleb building fence panels for my cool crops that I will plant outdoors and the girls and I are planting the “Kitchen Greenhouse” with herbs, salad mix lettuce and radishes. In a month we will have fresh veggies!!!! Kids are as excited as I am as they love vegetables of all kinds. 

   My turkeys are laying regular now and I do wish one would go broody as it would be quite handy to have them doing the work.  

 The sap is still running and I’m trying to stay caught up but it’s a job with everything else going on. We have a couple gallons of syrup now but will wait until the run is completed before I package it.

Papa Fred is nursing his broke wrist and getting antsy to get started on his cabin. He feels closed in here  as he’s a long time bachelor but I keep telling him be patient it’s only temporary.

Everything is turning green now and the days are long. It stays light until 10:30 and soon we will be light at midnight. I love this time of year! 

 Hope your all enjoying spring as much as I am. May you be blessed with a happy heart.