Elections are over but the division continues

Silly me, I truly believed that once the elections were over we would see some end to the meanness and nasty bashing in both the media and our lives. I guess I live in days gone by when once the elections were done we either celebrated or quietly accepted the will of the people. I remember eight years ago when the elections were done and many were vocal about their candidate losing and voicing opinions about the president elect. I admit I was not elated but I do remember stating that the people had spoken and perhaps we needed to give him a chance. Today I awoke relieved the elections were over and yes a bit happy with the outcome but more importantly I had hope that the country would once again unite and put an end to the brutal bashing we have spent the last year taking part in. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was as if some of the adults in the world suddenly were throwing a massive temper tantrum because they didn’t get their way. Not only berating of the president elect but personal attacks on individuals and deliberate baiting on social media of friends and loved ones. It is so wrong on so many levels. I admit I fed into it-for a bit then realized it makes zero sense and proceeded to delete the comments I had made in retaliation and replace some with messages of hope and unity. The barrage continued-I’m unaware if it’s still going on for I have left facebook behind for now. I will still post pictures on our family page but as far as my personal page for now I am done. I cannot fathom why people I have held so dear to me felt the need to constantly add fuel to the fire and the sad thing is I really could care less but it’s deeper than nasty comments and rude unproven accusations against politicians, it’s more about how these so called friends continued to poke and prod trying to get a reaction. Facebook was fun, it kept me connected to the outside world but now I believe I no longer want to be connected. I no longer want to be a part of anything outside of my little world. So for now I will continue updating the blog and sharing pics but until my peace returns I believe being a hermit would be beneficial to my sanity. I truly wish that peace will return to the world but for now I just want peace in my life. God Bless you all and I pray your not taking part in this division of our country. The time for unity is now-before it’s too late.

10 thoughts on “Elections are over but the division continues”

  1. I am a 100% with you on this. It seems like America is turning upside down. You don’t even recognize it, the way people act and react. It’s a mess. Anyway keep blogging, I enjoy the connection to Alaska thru your blogs…thanks.

  2. I am not a Trump supporter and am worried on several levels, mostly as a woman and mother, but we are all Americans who want the same things – hope, love, safety, and to care for our familes. We need to give ourselves some time to heal. I hope you do keep us posted about life in Alaska.

    1. I most definitely agree with you and yes our country needs time to heal. I will keep you posted on life in Alaska for sure. I’m sorry about being off topic but really needed to vent my frustrations. I guess this election has affected us all more than we realized.

      1. No appology needed. These feelings are real and the more we all talk about them, the more healing happens.

  3. We have witnessed how the Hillary supporters acted during the campaign so their non-acceptance of the election is no surprise.

    On a side note the posting was wonderfully written but beware I started my Alaskan blog years ago about my life in the wilderness and over time was drawn into the web of political postings… Having followed you from the beginning it was your writing about building a life in the wilderness that first drew me and I am sure many other to your blog. God bless and whatever you write I will continue to enjoy.

    1. I assure you Pete this will not become a habit for me. Politics are not conducive to a peaceful existence. There’s other venues for my opinions to be heard and this post is less about the different party’s more along the lines of how saddened I am our country is so divided. I want the good old days back. I remember the days of Carter and although he was very unpopular quite often I would hear things like “he messed up on that one but bless his heart he thought he was doing right”. That’s the country I want back, where when you have an opinion on a persons actions you don’t take it out on the rest of the world. A country where agreeing to disagree is alright.

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