Catching up

It’s been awhile since I posted anything and I apologize for my delay. Breakup here has kept us all busy with catching up and trying to keep ourselves dry and of course the critters. 

I’m happy to say the exterior of the greenhouse is complete and I will begin working on the interior today. 

 Dear hubby is off fishing for halibut, not for pleasure (cough cough) but to provide for the family. I do hope he stays safe, has a great season and enjoys himself. It really is hard work but something he enjoys so what a great opportunity.

As the days get longer it is becoming harder and harder to get my kids to focus on school work and get through what is left of the school year. The squirrels have shown up literally and I keep hearing things like “are those the kind we can hunt” and “ma, do you think those would taste good in stew”?  Then of course they all need new arrows and it goes back to “if we just had some arrows we could be hunting”. Always something and always distractions. I am thankful my kids have a desire to be outdoors though and they want to provide for themselves. On the upside they also have lessened the whining to go fishing. Soon though when the season is in full swing we will have to round up our gear and send some of those beautiful salmon to the smokehouse.

The owls, Eagles and Hawks continue to plague us. We’ve lost many of our birds to them and one owl found out literally what a foot in the butt feels like-not that I was using my head at all but when I hear something odd and step out in my crocs to see an owl about to make my duck his dinner then things just happen. Guess he really wanted duck as he returned in the early morning hours and feasted anyways. Poor Quackers never had a chance and Cheese is lost without her mate.

The trail is once again a muddy mess and nearly impassable-nearly. Of course life must go on and without dear hubby home to help I venture out with my brave face to do what has to be done. Yes getting stuck isn’t a pleasure but I remind myself how lucky I am to get to play in the mud daily-some folks only get to do it on weekends. I do have a plan though! Of course funding the plan is a different story. Wood chips where we split our wood build up quickly and make solid ground. If I can acquire a wood chipper then those boggy areas that suck me in and bury the wheeler won’t be a problem anymore. A green solution to a problem is the bonus. I’m praying I can find one sufficiently large enough to handle the slash piles left behind by loggers years ago and make a bunch of ugly piles into a beautiful trail.

The little piggies are getting big and have such cute little personalities. They will soon go to new homes and the cycle will begin again.  

Well folks that’s all there is for now so I will leave you with prayers of peace. God Bless 

2 thoughts on “Catching up”

  1. Piggie faces get. me. every. time They’re adorable!

    We’re under a Red Flag (fire) warning today because of the dry conditions and very high winds. It’s odd. It’s mud season but the grasses and highlands are dry.

  2. Hello,

    I’m working on a National Geographic magazine feature story that I’d love to speak with you about. Do you have an email address or number I can reach you at? Feel free to email me, so I can tell you more about the story.

    My best,

    Kelsey Nowakowski
    Contributing Journalist
    National Geographic

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