Once upon a time in Alaska

Once upon a time in a land far away there was a magical place called Alaska……

And it’s no longer a dream it’s my home! Yes, I am feeling a bit silly tonight as I sit by the warm fire and watch the snowflakes falling from the sky. 

Alaska still is very magical to me though, I’ve never felt this happiness in any other place. I have discovered it is the simple things like a woodpecker knocking on a tree, turkeys gobbling, snowflakes falling and children laughing that give me the warm fuzzy feeling of being where I belong. I only wish I could bottle up this feeling and share it.  

 I apologize now for not having anything exciting to say-oh wait yes I do have some news! In 2013 while we were still living in Wyoming someone sent one of my recipes into a contest for a Taste of Home. I was contacted by email in late 2013 and told my recipe had placed high enough to be included in their cook book. Here it is 2015 and I just recieved my copy of the cookbook. I’m on page 47. It’s not the first recipe contest I’ve won but it’s the first time I have placed in one I didn’t enter. I never have found out the identity of the person who entered me but to them I say Thank You-your entering me and believing in my abilities means more than any prize. If your interested in obtaining a copy it is called “A Taste of Home Slow Cooker and One Dish Recipes” 

 The picture below is my recipe


I would like to also mention time is running out to get your Two Moose Farm hoodie or T-shirt. There’s exciting things happening at Two Moose Farm in 2016 so get yours now while you still can-T-shirts and hoodies

(Trust me your going to want one of these) Big things happening!

I’ll go for now as my internet has gone from slow to sloth speed but keep smiling and I pray your all blessed with everything you need.


2 thoughts on “Once upon a time in Alaska”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Alaska is the only place for me, as I have learned the few times I tried to go back to the Lower 48. It truly is a magical place.
    And congrats on the recipe! I’ll have to buy your cookbook. My wife and I are always experimenting in the kitchen.

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