Easing into winter

It appears winter might possibly make an appearance. Not with a blustery blizzard and frigid temps rolling in like a freight train but more like when you dip your toes into the chilly water easing yourself into the chilly abyss versus diving in all at once.

This morning I made a lap through the critters quite quickly as they are all sleeping soundly in their beds-well except for the turkeys who seem to think roosting on the fence is a better idea than roosting in their shelter and let’s not forget Frankie.  Frankie the billy goat who thinks he’s a people. Seriously, he refuses to stay with the other goats (unless the girls are in heat) preferring the company of humans much to our dismay. He has learned he can head butt his way into almost anywhere but he still remains gentle towards us only seeking to be included in the family.  I do have to draw the line at the door though. He isn’t allowed inside the cabin but somehow seems to find his way in. Yesterday it was a bit windy and chilly so the door was not left open yet I looked up from kneading bread and who’s eyes did I meet? Yes, Frankie was standing there staring at me with a “what’s for supper mom?” Look on his face. Never a dull moment when there are goats around.

Dear hubby was quite busy yesterday with our trail of broke down wheelers-now he has two of them to somehow get home and while we wait for parts he is doing everything “old school” aka on foot. Our feed that was in the truck needed brought in so he decided the old sled would suffice and hiked to the truck-2 of the kids went along and what was to be quick trip (4 hours out and in again) turned into 8 with our last wheeler now sitting on the trail awaiting a rescue mission which has not yet been planned. I might also mention a friend in town needed to rehome her beautiful flock of chickens and of course dear hubby never batted an eye just loaded the crate onto the 250 pounds of feed he was already dragging into the farm and began his hike. Now here he finds himself with 2 kids, on foot traversing the snow, ice, mud, muck and various other obstacles that the trail has to offer-in the waning light of winter dragging a sled that is fully loaded. When they finally arrived home 2 hours after sunset it was a sight reminiscent of the early days of the gold miners traversing the terrain in winter headed to the Klondike to find their fortunes. If only I could of gotten a picture!

While Dear Hubby and 2 of the kids were gone I thought I was going to have a quiet day. HA! Goats being goats they managed to get their horns hooked into the tire chains we had hanging from the sawbuck. Now if it were just the goats involved they have learned that if you get stuck just stand still and beller at the top of your lungs then mom comes to the rescue (yes I’m mom to everyone and everything here). The jingling of the chains was just too enticing to the piglets we are growing out and they felt the need to become- involved. Now by involved I mean to say they managed to get the chains untangled from the goats-good thing? Wrong! They untangled the goats and one of them ended up with a set of chains wrapped around itself like body armor and instead of standing still decides running into the forest full speed is a much better idea. Now I am following a squealing pig dragging a clanking chain (almost like an old horror movie) and every time he snags on something that holds him back for a millisecond he squeals like the Devils got ahold of his tail. I finally catch him when he attempted to duck under a downed tree and became too entangled to run any farther. Untangling him and retrieving the chain I hike back to the yard with the icy chain over my shoulder only to discover the goats had managed to get into the hens laying house and have eaten the bedding in the nesting boxes. After placing the chains in their appropriate place albeit a bit higher than before I repeated the original task (bedding for the chickens) and headed back inside to check on my bread rising and for a much needed cup of coffee.

Bread in the oven, cup of coffee in hand I am just lowering my cold wet body onto a chair and as I touch the seat I hear what sounds like a 747 crashing outside-running to see what is going on I discover Frankie has liberated not one but 3 rabbits and has managed to get inside a rabbit hutch then hooked his horn from the inside on the wire and thrashed around until the hutch is lying on its side. Dang it Frankie!  Untangling that mess was quite like sorting out a ball of barbed wire. Getting him free I run back to check on bread, remove from oven and back outside to right the hutch which is now starting to freeze in the snow and make the needed repairs. Luckily the rabbits were ready to return home and sat at my feet waiting.

Ah, finally that cup of coffee-cold and yet was warmer than I do I gulped it down and looking at the time realized supper still needed made and it was 6 pm! 

At last all were home safe, critters fed and bedded down. My evening winding down and there is peace once again. Making my final checks at 11:30 I am comforted by the knowledge all are sleeping peacefully so I kiss each child on the forehead, start down the ladder, miss a rung fall into bed and decide I’ll just stay there-the fire doesn’t need stoked after all. Yes some nights you literally fall into bed.

Have a blessed day all and be thankful for your blessings~

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