Sunny days

I just love sunny days, especially after the gloom of rain for weeks!  Today we went on a family outing picking cranberries and enjoying the sunshine. It was so beautiful being out that even the critters had to come along. I imagine we are quite the sight as we stroll through the forest, buckets in hand with 20 turkeys, several pigs and a herd of goats trailing along. Turns out that my dear Charlotte is a berry locator. Strange I know but she walks along side of me and will snort and grunt then jump ahead and stop-she doesn’t eat them just points them out with her nose. I know it’s strange but nothing is normal here! 

Charlotte pointing out berries
The days are getting much shorter now and we don’t see the sun until 8:30 in the morning. It won’t be long until we don’t see it at all only a few hours of subdued daylight. I am so glad that the dark days don’t last long as I love being outdoors. We still go out but don’t stray far from the cabin as it is easy getting lost in the forest at night. All is well though if we stick to the trails.

As is my norm I cook a lot on cold wet days and have been busy not only creating the old stand bys but new recipes too. I will have a cookbook completed soon and you will be able to find it on our web store. Stop by in the meantime and have a look around. We still have birch syrup, barley pancake mix and goat milk hot cocoa available-soaps are getting low until this next batch cures. Two Moose Farm . 

 For those of you wanting hoodies we will have a second run of those for pre order in the next few days. 

Still working on the book about how to go off grid-would love to hear some input on titles. This by no stretch of the imagination will be an actual how to manual but will give people an idea of what to look out for and how to find further info. 

As always I’ll leave you with a few random pics and look forward to hearing from you all.God Bless!!!!!


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