Fall is here!

its that time of year when the leaves begin turning every shade of gold, orange yellow and red. The mornings are crisp and the rains will soon be turning into that pretty white flaky stuff-NOT YET!

I am still too far behind! It seems that I am forever behind anymore. September is the month where the fishing is ending, canning is not quite complete, hunting season is upon us and let’s not forget that I have 3 children that must hit the books too! Yes folks it’s time for the mom cape!!!!

The rains also decided to show up-September is the wettest month on average and I am beginning to think its not just coincidence. I believe it’s a test of wills. Ha!!!! Let it rain! Okay I take that back-let’s not have anymore rain to add to the 7.75 inches we have already got this month.  

Trips to town have become an adventure for sure. I spent several days going in and out as my big sissy came to visit and there was never a dull moment. For those of you who have known me for years and are thinking “big sister” let me just say without a lengthy explanation-family is who you choose to be in your heart. 

Cathy and Paul came to celebrate another birthday for me, whew I’ve now hit the big 51 and I question when will I quit thinking I’m still 25?   What a great time we had and it amazes me that with Cathy and I we never run out of things to talk about. Her visit was short and I had to share her with the kids but we had a wonderful time still the same. We all need time to spend with our loved ones and I don’t think there’s ever enough. I know there’s never enough! I am ever so thankful for the time we did have together this weekend and looking forward to our next reunion. Below are some pics of all of us-yes I’m there and smiling too thanks to another answered prayer. 

 Summer went way too fast! We didn’t accomplish everything we wanted to but it’s difficult to get everything done when your doing it all by hand with materials you have to create. Out here there is no quick trip to the lumber yard. Every board is sawn from timber found right here. Our animal population is ever growing and just keeping up with their shelter needs is a full time job. Soon we will be done though-said no homesteader ever!

My coffee is done and it’s now almost 4:30 in the morning so I will leave you with a few random pics and a promise of more details later. May your day be blessed with a content heart and a rested to soul. 


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