Another day in paradise

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, 50 degrees and a bit breezy but hey, it was 50 degrees out!  

The family had ground wheat the night before (yes it’s a family affair as hand grinding wheat is a lot of work) so I got to work after chores and baked bread. I was expecting it to last for at least a few days but the minute the first loaf came out it was reduced to a few crumbs in seconds. Literally!  

There’s still a loaf for today but I will be baking again this afternoon for sure.

Baby rabbits got to finally see the sunshine now that the cold snap has broke. Their mommas allowed them to the screened section of the hutch and they were quite active hopping and frolicking. Bunnies are so darned cute don’t you think!

Rooster Jack and Henny made complete pests of themselves all day running in the door of the cabin everytime they found an opportunity.

My critters have the idea that they run the place! 

I am very excited that I am finally getting my cream separator. It should be here in around a week. I am receiving it from a company that I will be reviewing it for. I will share more on it later in my posts.

Dear hubby spent the day preparing for hog butchering day on Thursday. We originally planned for it today but a phone call changed all of that. I was asked by a gentleman who teaches an anatomy class if they could join us as a hands on field trip and of course I said yes! Any time people can further their knowledge is time well spent and I am happy to be a part of it. I will attempt to video tape this and share later.

Soap is finally aged and ready for sale so I will have to spend today working on the website. I will immediately post a link when it is up and running. We will have soap, lip balm, powdered goat milk hot cocoa mix and leather items available for purchase with many more items coming in the future. 

Yes the days are getting longer and busier here at Two Moose Farm and we are blessed to be able to share them with you-stay tuned!

Have a beautiful and blessed day all.

One thought on “Another day in paradise”

  1. Building arm muscles I see, yes fresh bread goes way to fast, bunnies are very adorable. Cool on your soap being ready

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