Coffee with my chick friends

This morning we awoke to the weatherman’s forecast once again being wrong. Snowed a couple of inches but was quite nice out temp wise at a comfortable 24 degrees. Once we got through the chores, breakfast and school day it left plenty of time for play. Actually school today felt more like play to the kids as we played scrabble, had a spelling bee and played a game of math hangman. Math hangman is a lot of fun for the kids, get a math question correct then you receive a letter to the puzzle but get one wrong and you get one body part closer to hangman. I wonder if they still allow hangman in schools as I imagine that it is no longer politically correct.
After school was completed and I finished a few more chores I spent some time with the 4 chicks who survived the post office apocalypse. They seem to be doing really well and are feathering out nicely. My min electric brooder is still working great and the biggest temp fluctuation I have had in 6 days was 4 degrees. There I go getting off course again! Back to the chicks-they have become quite friendly now and scramble for my attention when I open the brooder so I have been giving each of them a few minutes a day out and being handled. I will have to decide on names soon as they will obviously be my favorite girls since we have developed a close friendship. One little girl tested the waters or should I say coffee today and apparently it was to her liking as she kept fighting to get back for more. I guess she will have to be named Betty after my hen I left behind.


My neighbors on the road are such a great bunch. They are always sharing their bounty and yesterday I pulled a large package out of the freezer, in it was a whole silver salmon. I baked the entire fish with some Cajun seasonings and we feasted. Still there was much left over so today Cati picked out the bones then she and I made salmon patties from the leftovers. We cooked up a couple of packages of organic cous cous with pine nuts brought out to us by another neighbor who had family leave it behind at his fish camp and in his words (don’t know what it is but maybe you can make it edible) and of course it was awesome and yes I do love cous cous for it’s unique flavor and texture. We finished off the meal with a couple of jars of my home canned tropical fruit that we brought from Wyoming. I do miss Bountiful Baskets produce program. If your in an area where it’s available I urge you to take part as the organic offerings are wonderful and the prices cannot be beat.

Not much left of the day so will do my critter checks then see what the auroras forecast is before calling it a night.
God Bless you all and sweet dreams

3 thoughts on “Coffee with my chick friends”

  1. Those chicks are so cute! And that salmon looks delicious. I think it’s nice to share things between homesteaders and pass on the bounty.

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