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Here comes 2015!!!!

The new year is rapidly approaching and I have been busy making plans (alright maybe I do have a penchant for rushing spring) but the days are getting longer if only by a couple of minutes per day.

A major priority on my list of things to do is get a real camera so that I can add pictures of better quality to the blog which by the way will be moving to a private domain soon.  I am too limited here on what I can do so I see this as an improvement to allow more versatility in adding videos, links etc. I will keep everyone informed when I do the move and will put a direct link from here to the website.  Unfortunately I am not sure if I will be able to move all the comments but I am working on it!

As you know our goats are starting to produce babies and I am anxious to resume cheese and soap making.  Hopefully winter will pay us a sort visit and ice cream can be on the menu too.

We will be adding 25 barred rock pullets to our menagerie around the 9th of January and it will be a challenge to keep them warm until they feather out but a couple chickens in the cabin should add a little excitement, right?

One of our piggies is getting close to butcher size so I see us butchering in January or February if it gets cold enough if not then plan b.  Plan b will consist of hauling a small freezer out which has been in the plans for awhile.  Our Gilt I am hoping is bred if so we should see little piggies on the ground by late March early April (I really must start writing these dates down).

Heritage breed turkeys are next on the list and I believe I have a deal worked out with a friend to trade her work in exchange for a couple hens and a tom.  I do love to barter so this will make having them even sweeter.

We will resume breeding our rabbits in late January so we will have lots of Easter Bunnies available.  We have a unique plan that will ensure no unwanted rabbits will end up in the animal shelter as we will offer a partial refund to anyone wanting to return the rabbit.

Mike and Fred are about ready to resume sawmill operations as we are in need of lumber for building projects and for the outdoor furniture we plan to sell this spring and summer.

Barring any setbacks I hope to have my greenhouse built by mid February and although it will mean extra work for all of us we do plan on heating it to get a jumpstart on our seedlings.

This year we also plan to put up our own hay manually. Mike has devised and will soon build a bale mold that will allow us to fill, compress and tie bales in manageable sizes for easy storage and my hopes are to put up a ton of hay and a 1/2 ton of straw.

I do hope that I have time to finish my cookbook this spring. It has been in the works for several years.

I hope we can get all our projects accomplished as I have an extensive list of additional things I want to do but as with everything it takes time.  We have accomplished a lot in a short period of time and I am anxious to do even more.

I will keep you posted on the progress and promise to  include many photos.

Praying for a prosperous year filled with blessings for all!